Guitar Training Tips on How to Play Guitar with Good Technique

Whether you are self-teaching or learning from a professional teacher how to play guitar, guitar training tips from individuals who have gone through the same process comes in handy to keep you motivated and to help you learn in the right way. One of the major problems every beginner must first overcome is the impatience. Most novice guitar players want to begin shredding solos and playing along their favorite tunes from the start but that is not possible. It is advisable that you take things slowly and first focus on getting things right from the onset.

Guitar Tips

You must also note that while learning to play tunes on the guitar, you are also training your hands and fingers to hold and play in a certain way, which will become your routine and hence, the need to ensure that you are applying all the basics for playing great guitar from the start. One of the basic elements that will impact on your playing style is the technique. If you take the time to watch the best guitarists play, you will notice that irrespective of the music they play whether heavy rock or classical tunes and theatrics they perform on the stage, you will notice that they achieve the blistering solos with ease and minimal movement of the left hand.

To play like that, you must master how to play guitar from the start with good technique. The following guitar training tips will help you play smoothly and with good technique from the start.

Learn the basic skills the right way

If you want to become a great guitarist, you must have broad music knowledge. Although it is possible to learn how to play an amazing solo without deep music knowledge, learning all the basic skills from the start such as chords, notes, lead, rhythm, picking, and strumming will help make you a better guitarist. Avoid skipping the theory lessons.

The other basic skill that you must get right from the start is the proper placing of your fingers. You should make sure that the way you hold the guitar, the angle of the guitar, and the right-hand grip and left-hand wrist action are correct. You must also make sure that you are using the correct fingers when playing scales and chords. Learning how to play guitar the correct way will not be easy especially because comfort and personal preferences come into play, but you should not be sloppy and instead you should be focused on learning how to play guitar in the most efficient and effective way.

Practice, Practice and Practice

There is no better and fastest way to learn guitar, it all takes practice. Teaching your fingers to play effortless takes hours of practice and dedication. The best routine is to ensure that you practice daily for about one hour. To make your practice more interesting and enjoyable, you should include variety. Some of the ways you can add variety include trying something challenging from time to time, playing with friends, playing in different locations, and playing in different positions such as standing and seating down among other things that will make your practice fun.

Learn to Listen

With everything now set, you will need to improve yourself by listening to other great guitarist play. You must also learn to listen to yourself as you play. This will help you realize when you do something wrong or when the guitar is not properly tuned and thus, make you a better guitarist.


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